Kes who is now an outstanding all round gun dog will be having her second litter of pups to Monty in the spring of 2018  her last litter to Monty produced 8 absolute crackers all intelligent easily trained , fast powerful hard hunting medium sized spaniels , as people who know us are aware when we have 8 pups in a litter we expect all 8 to become excellent , hard hunting gun dogs .
Kes is really fast across the ground and loves the hard cover of the forestry sides and blackthorn dykes in search of woodcock , she will hopefully have pups this following spring, we do have a waiting list but please dont be afraid to contact us  regarding a pup.
And here they are Kes's Litter 2018 of 8 all absolutely perfect and beautiful 
Midge 4   will also be having pups again this next spring of 2018  , a powerful chunky medium size spaniel like her full sister Kes above  , Midge loves woodcock and is also a very hard hunter who like all our spaniels hunts well within shot even in the thickest of cover , she is fearless among'st the blackthorns and the briar's and is one tough spaniel just like her mum Drumkeen Hawk