2019     will hopefully see the birth of more Givendale Pups nature willing , we have 2 litters of Springers planned next year , they are as follows.     If you would like a pup out of either of these planned litters please get in touch , we do have a waiting list for both litters already started     tel 00353 87 9087503  email drumkeengundogs@hotmail.com

Ruby  " Pollynagollum Duchess "   x   Givendale Maximus " Nitro "
Ruby is bred from 2 outstanding Givendale Spaniels  she is fast , powerful and fearless with a superb nature and is extremely intelligent and has bags of style and natural ability  .
Nitro is such a powerhouse of a hunting spaniel again fast and fearless on land or in water he is a proper working Springer who easily hunts for over 6 hours a day at an exciting pace, his pups are so trainable and intelligent and is a truly beautiful dog , his physique is not easily found these days in the Spaniel world.
Kes  " Givendale Holly "   X     Givendale Maximus   this is a new cross on Kes she has produced 16 fabulous gun dogs from just 2 litters, we dont aim or breed for a percentage to make the grade it has to be 100% , this is Kes's last litter even though she is just 5 we only ever let our dogs have 3 litters in a lifetime as they are first and formost  gun dogs and part of our family and their health and well being is our most important priority
Kes is like a whirlwind through cover and an outstanding woodcock dog fast stylish and very intelligent  , loves water and has immense hunting drive just like her mum the one and only original " Kes "  Drumkeen Hawk  , the cross to Givendale Maximus " Nitro " will deliver very heavily marked dark chocolate pups with an incredible stamina just like both parents