The Givendale Cocker's

 Along with the Springers we just love our Cocker Spaniels " Lexi " & " Jet "  they are pure class little working dogs and as is our way we searched hi & low to find the perfect dogs to start the Givendale Cocker lines , Lexi is a daughter of the well famed " Gournaycourt Ginger "  and " Jet "  is out of  the Welsh super lines of Maesydderwen including Scimiter .

They are such perfect little gun dogs full of drive and stamina and you just cant slow them down or tire them out , in the pursuit of woodcock they are superb in heavy overgrown ditches and scrub bushes , all the time working so close flushing birds so close to you giving you every chance possible of knocking one down and so exciting and fun to shoot over , we just love these little honest dogs to bits and of course they are beautiful .