We are looking forward to a bright future with lots of fabulous young dogs in the kennels as well as keeping back 2 beautiful Givendale bitches from our 2014 litters we have gone back to our roots so to speak with acquisition of 2 Liver & White Newflame bitches which are extremely distantly related to Jack our Stud dog who at present is redundant in the breeding department as we are not letting any of the older bitches have any more litters of pups as we only allow each bitch to have a maximum of 4 litters in their life time as they are first and foremost gundogs and we need to make sure they are in the best of health possible to live a long and happy life and enjoy their eventual retirement years of basking in the warm sun whenever it shines .

As Jack is still a young dog at only 5 years old by the time these girls are trained and proven in the shooting field Jack will still only be 7 years old when they have their 1st litters in 2016 / 2017 , here they are below aged 5 weeks they are the 2 on the right hand side.

 Here we have the 2 young Givendale Bitches Jaz & Midge , these 2 are pure class , full of mischief but already showing immense talent , drive and promise