1st February 2016 , Givendale Holly " Kes " is now hopefully in pup so fingers crossed in early April 2016 we can expect another generation of Givendale Spaniels . you can see Kes in a video on the video page Givendale Spaniels 10 months old and the sire is Monty who can also be seen in a video on the video page , obviously both dogs are older and have hunting & shooting experience behind them and are now exceptional gun dogs and especially proficient at hunting woodcock in any type of hard consistent cover , both dogs are fast across the ground and in cover with Kes being like a whirlwind through the heaviest of cover which makes her so exciting to shoot over just like her mother Drumkeen Hawk the one & only original " Kes "  who can be seen on our lost and loved page and many video's she was truly a one in a million but young Kes is taking huge strides in emulating her mother in every way .

 Our next litters are of pups will come from the pairing of Jack & the 2 Newflame girls " Lilly & Ruby "  Jack obviously needs no introduction as he is just a " one in a Million Spaniel "  , Ruby & Lilly are perfectly matched to Jack in their colour , size , stamina , intelligence and drive and over the last season made the transformation from pups into serious hard hunting spaniels , Ruby will be the first to hopefully go into pup as we believe she is just coming into season now the 27th / March 2016 , so we look forward with excitement to this event after a 2 year wait for these girls to grow and mature into the powerful beauties they are today .

And here they are the first pups from the Givendale / Newflame generations and what absolute little stunners they are very heavily coloured just like their Mums & Dad  , Jack & Lilly & Ruby are pictured below.
Another exciting bit of news for us at the Givendale Kennels is that last night I had the pleasure to talk to a lovely lady from the West of Ireland who owned Jacks Grandfather & Father  and the beautiful stories she told me of both dogs outstanding abilities and looks are plain to be seen to have been passed down through the generations as Jack is living testament to those stories and I am looking forward to seeing photo's of these two beautiful spaniels as promised by that lovely lady .