2014  News

 we are looking forward to 2014 with great enthusiasm , we have lots of pups to train over the next few months 5 Givendale Spaniels born in 2013 being trained for their owners up to 12 months old hard work & total commitment but we enjoy it


  This is Givendale Chaffinch " Taz "  who is off to the USA in Feb 2015 , Taz is will be fully trained and will have a seasons experience behind him on Duck, Pheasant and Woodcock , he is a great character full of mischief , but a dog full of immense drive and enthusiasm


 Givendale Chaffinch " Taz " has settled really well with his new owner in the States , Taz proved himself as an outstanding Woodcock dog with me the season 2014 to 2015 and there were a few tears at the airport last February when I delivered him for his flight , he will always hold a special place in my heart as a truly class dog




 2015   Well the 2 pups Givendale Quinn & Givendale Benelli are doing exceptionally well in the USA with such comments as best spaniel I have seen in 25 years  , we couldn't be more proud , they have both grown into beautiful fast , powerful intelligent spaniels . 


 USA here we come , the success and reputation of the Givendale Working English Springer Spaniel has now gone truly international with pups and trained dogs going to the UK , Europe and now this year pups will be going to America to hunt for Grouse & Woodcock as you can imagine we are absolutely over the moon that at last quality hard working Spaniels are getting international recognition for the outstanding looks , stamina and immeasurable hunting drive