In 2020 we have decided to set our plans for the next few years and extend our family of Cockers , so a new stud Dog , " Archie " has been added to the team and we will be keeping back one of Lexi's litter just born there a few weeks ago ,  so we now have 2 generations of Givendale Cockers to hunt with and have the occasional litter of pups.

Cockers are amazing to hunt and shoot over , energetic , exciting dogs , that give you 110% commitment  every outing , we find them amazing for woodcock in the blackthorn dykes & ditches where they really excel , hunting very closely in shot , which makes life that bit easier and more exciting when a woodcock is flushed , but dont be fooled by their smaller stature then the Springer as good Cockers will match a Springer for carrying and retrieving game , our Cockers carry big cock pheasants with ease out of the roughest cover , so please dont dismiss these hardy little dogs , they will pleasantly surprise you .
We are now taking reservations for 2021 for Cocker pups by Lexi & Jet , whose pups have every previous litter become outstanding gun dogs , with one person so impressed after buying one in 2017 that he ordered  3 more for 2018 , so please do get in touch if you have any interest